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Midnight... Part 212/1/2021  14  
Turning it dark now to impale me hehe wish was a bbc tho lol12/1/2021  0  
When your points total is 666....11/30/2021  16  
Listening w/pics11/30/2021  4  
A match race leads to more fun and games11/29/2021  0  
To The One We All Seek. The Perfect Match. A Bright, Dark Star Discovered.11/29/2021  0  
Beautiful Love w/pics11/29/2021  4  
In london 11th Dec looking for fun meets11/28/2021  0  
Finally!!!11/28/2021  8  
Coercion11/27/2021  0  
Sexxx for clothes is more important than settling down with one boyfriend right now11/27/2021  0  
Crypt of Love w/pics11/27/2021  5  
Beauty Lost w/pics11/26/2021  6  
Maximizing Thanksgiving Yumminess11/23/2021  4  
Stress CAN Take It's Toll11/23/2021  0  
Thanksgiving Attitude of Gratitude..11/23/2021  3  
take me part 438....edited11/22/2021  0  
My Fantasy English Girls Boarding School Spanking Story11/22/2021  4  
One for the road11/22/2021  4  
Old Friends PART TWO - "Three Wishes"11/21/2021  2  
Big black cock11/20/2021  2  
men's saunas11/20/2021  0  
Fantasy Transformation11/19/2021  0  
In the Flicker of Candle Light11/19/2021  8  
A Fantasy at Work...11/19/2021  5  
Master and Servant… It’s a lot like life..11/19/2021  1  
a quick note of thanks11/18/2021  2  
The Devil Made Me Do It11/18/2021  7  
Half Nekkid Wednesday #554...Things that Start with U, V or W...Goddess Style11/17/2021  9  
Do you dance?11/17/2021  0  
~~~~ A Familiar Taste Of Poison ~~~~11/17/2021  24  
SMH why is this so difficult11/16/2021  1  
take me part 40511/16/2021  1  
take me part 40411/16/2021  0  
Murderess of the Heart w/pics11/16/2021  8  
The Reluctant Older Woman11/16/2021  3  
Every Girl Needs A Good Handyman11/16/2021  1  
A study: Ghosts are psychopaths!11/14/2021  0  
The Jan Recipe11/14/2021  4  
Sunshine11/14/2021  2  
In a Dark Corner11/13/2021  5  
Veteran Day Coming Home11/13/2021  0  
Favorite Poems or Quotes:11/12/2021  0  
take me part 39411/12/2021  0  
Threesome with 51 and 57 year old women11/12/2021  0  
HRT is working!!11/12/2021  3  
Dark rocks11/12/2021  4  
Gamahuching11/12/2021  19  
#WhisperedOrgasms11/12/2021  0