Testing a new version of member profile page  

Andrew 51M  
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7/6/2007 6:30 pm

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8/15/2007 2:16 pm

Testing a new version of member profile page

You might have noticed that you can now view member's photos directly on the member profile page. While we think that this will make viewing profile photos more fun, we want to get your feedback on it. For example, the profile page might take a bit longer to load... but you don't need to then click on other pages to get photos.

You can flip through the photos easily as well as add them to your personal favorite photos list (the link to view them later is in 'My Lists' tab in the navbar).

Update: we are going to roll-back the change for when you view your own profile until we can resolve the issue that some members are unable to view their own profile. You should be able to view other people's profiles with the new look. Thanks for all the feedback. We hope to have it upgraded for your own profile early next week

Whispersoftly5 54F
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7/6/2007 1:11 pm

Hey, who is that sexy thing you have a pic of up there?! LOL! {=}

You know I love all the changes of late - this seems to be just more of the same positive and fun stuff you and your team are doing around here! Nice! {=}

Andrew replies on 7/6/2007 1:48 pm:
Yup - I was looking for hottie for the example

Thanks... glad you enjoy

LittleTeapot888 60F
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7/6/2007 1:40 pm

When I get out of the Peasantry and into the Aristocracy or Royalty, I'll give it a go.

If you think that I'm perfect - you're right!

Proud Canadian!

redsassygirl1980 39F
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7/6/2007 1:55 pm

Wow!! Nice!!

rm_tmok33 57M

7/6/2007 2:32 pm

Works great!

cumcannonxxx 54M
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7/6/2007 3:41 pm

I like this new feature.

MizzPerception 50F

7/6/2007 5:10 pm

ty, you crazy luvin PUMP you!


rm_everlovinone 62F
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7/6/2007 5:37 pm

Mine is not loading at all right now...whaz up??

Is it too late to get on the naughty list???

Someoneinutah 54F
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7/6/2007 5:42 pm

    Quoting  :

I have the same problem when I try to view my own profile. I can view others.

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